Diapers vs Pull-Ups

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Diapers vs Pull-Ups

Pull-ups may be the right fit for your little one when it's time to start potty training or growing out of regular diapers. Not sure when to transition from diapers to pull-ups or just want to learn more about the difference? We're here to help.

Are Pull-Ups As Good As Diapers?

Technically, they do the same job, but the biggest difference between them is their design. Pull-ups have an elastic waistband and leg bands, making it easier for older babies and toddlers to pull up and down like regular underwear. 

Some other differences to remember are comfort, convenience, and size. Whether pull-ups are as good as diapers depends on your child's life stage. Pull-ups might be better if they're old enough to start potty training. 

When Should I Swap Diapers for Pull-Ups?

Many parents switch to pull-ups when they think their child is ready to start potty training because they can help with the transition. It's common to start potty training around two years old. 

Most brands of diapers range from size 1 for newborns to size 6 for babies over 35 pounds, whereas pull-ups come in a range of sizes for older babies and toddlers. Most start at size 4 for babies 12-18 months old to 5T for bigger toddlers over 50 pounds. 

Pull-up pros:

  • More comfortable for active babies and toddlers.
  • Helpful with potty training
  • Encourage independence and confidence
  • Highly absorbent for more leak-free days
  • Our pull-ups are made from luxuriously soft organic bamboo with a touch of aloe, which is known to soothe sensitive skin

The Verdict: Do Pull-Ups Hold Up Like Diapers? 

Thankfully, pull-ups do hold up like diapers (literally and figuratively). As mentioned, pull-ups usually have an elastic waistband, making it easier to pull them up and down like regular underwear. That said, our snug-fit technology keeps them falling.

Eco Pea Co. training pants are also made with a bamboo core that's just as absorbent as our regular diapers. Plus, a wetness indicator and blowout guard means less of that mess stress.