Our Story

Our StoryThe Eco Pea Company was founded by a rambunctious family of five from the West Coast of Canada.  We have a passionate 7 year old boy, a super sweet 4 year old girl and 1.5 year old dare devil of a girl! Growing up on the coast, we've been surrounded by mother nature's beauty our whole lives - the Pacific Ocean, old growth forests, white tipped mountains, and more. We strive to be as healthy and environmentally conscious as possible.

We had no issues with the brand of diapers and wipes we used with our first two children. But our third child reacted negatively to this brand, and we tried several others without success. So we decided to create the safest and most eco-friendly diapers and wipes as we could. The experience had led us down an exciting and educational journey.

We did a LOT of research and discovered that an incredible amount of waste is created by diapers. Just think about how many diapers a day a baby uses, and how many days there are in diaper wearing years. That’s an insane amount of diapers from just one family! So in our quest to make a better diaper for our baby, we realized we wanted to create a better diaper for the planet...our kids' planet. Our grandchildren's planet. We also learned that using the best quality materials is expensive. Bamboo is sustainable, but it was a challenge to make the business sustainable at first! It was worth it to us, because we wanted materials that were eco-friendly and biodegradable. We also wanted our main material to be easy to grow and thus sustainable.

With as environmentally friendly as our products are, people are often surprised how luxurious they feel and how well they work. I remember one of our early users said that they felt like a celebrity mom. We love that! Often when people think eco-friendly, they think that it may not be comfy, or that they have to give up quality somewhere else. We really wanted to make an eco-friendly diaper that was better than almost any diaper out there - not just environmentally speaking, but also health, comfort and performance.

We’re so glad to be building a tribe now, and changing the world in doing so. We want to continue to create consumer products that help push forward our eco-focused agenda. We hope through our success we can show others there’s almost always a way to design a product that is kinder to our planet. It may not be better to the bottom line, but we'll rest easy knowing that it's better for our kids' planet.

- Kelly + Adrian