5 Canadian kid brands doing some good

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5 Canadian kid brands doing some good


As a sustainably-focused brand proudly founded in Canada, we love shouting out other Canadian brands doing our planet proud. Babies and kids have a big impact on our environment (but they're so darn cute), so whenever we can reduce the environmental footprint of those tiny feet, we’re on board. 

Check out our list below of five awesome Canadian companies focused on ensuring our littlest humans have a beautiful future. Comment with your own personal fave brands so we can check them out!


What they do: Babies and kids outgrow their clothes fast. Like… really fast! Tradle is a curated clothing subscription company for babies newborn to 24 months, and not only saves you the trouble of having the next size clothing ready, but also helps you skip the trip to the store (or order online) every few months. Just choose your size, season, and how many pieces you’d like, and it’ll be sent directly to your home. When your babe has outgrown the items, just send them back - you’ve already got all the next sizes ready and waiting. You can even add a Tradle subscription to your baby registry. The best part? If there’s something you really love and want to save or regift yourself, it’s easy to purchase. 

Where you can find them: As a clothing subscription, Tradle is available online, and ships anywhere in Canada.


What they do: A circular economy is one of the keys to a better planet, and wow, does Mini-Cycle deliver. Purchase new or preloved clothes from their site, and they commit to buying back any clothes. They sell kid’s clothes for ages 0 - 12, and focus on durable, timeless items that meet their sustainability requirements of being durable, local, natural, and ethical. Considering how tough kids are on their clothes, knowing they source with durability in mind is key! Plus, did we mention how cute everything is?

Where you can find them: Mini-Cycle is available through their website, and ships internationally, with free shipping on orders $50+ in Canada.


What they do: Babywearing is the ultimate parenting hack. It’s been around long before Instagram influencers showed fancy ‘how to wrap’ videos, and meant parents could comfortably and safely keep their babies close, while still getting things done. Today, babywearing is no different. Being handsfree means you can chase down a toddler, prep dinner, and even get a workout in, all while helping your babe feel calm and close to you. Beluga Baby is a female-founded company based in Vancouver, and they make all of their wraps locally - gotta love it!

Where you can find them: You can find Baby Beluga wraps on their online store, as well as retailers across Canada. Enjoy free shipping in Canada and the US.


What they do: Want unique, super-durable kid clothes that help the environment, and are endorsed by The Tragically Hip? Enter: Little Nudnik. Created in Toronto by twin cofounders, Little Nudnik creates their one-of-a-kind clothing from pre-consumer textile waste, meaning fabric scraps that otherwise would have gone straight to landfill are now being made into super cute kid’s clothes. With zero-waste packaging, you’ll easily fall in love with their bright mix-and-match designs, as well as their neutral options.

Where you can find them: Shop the site for free shipping in North America on orders $75+, and keep an eye on their Instagram page for sales.


What they do: Chances are, this is one Canadian brand you’ve definitely heard of. Native creates shoes not just for kids, but also for teens and adults (other brands: take note! We want to wear fun stuff, too!). Native’s goal is that by 2023, 100% of their shoes will be entirely lifecycle managed, and through their Remix Project, they’re recycling their used shoes and giving them new life. At affordable prices, these shoes hold up and have earned themselves a place in the kid clothing must-haves hall of fame.

Where you can find them: With free shipping and free returns in Canada, shop online, or check out a nearby retailer.

Canada’s host to thousands of innovative makers and creators, and we love highlighting brands that do a little good in the world. Got one you’d love to share? Leave us a message in the comments or on our Instagram page using #myecopeaco