Diapers for Sensitive Skin

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Diapers for Sensitive Skin

Diapers for Sensitive Skin

All babies are born with delicate skin and are prone to allergic reactions from dyes, alcohol, and fragrances. With the current diaper regulations in place, most are allergen-free, making reactions rare but not impossible.

That said, there are eco-friendly disposable diapers made for babies with particularly sensitive skin. Better yet, they’re also eco-friendly and made with plant-based materials. 

Does My Baby Have Sensitive Skin?

Since babies have very supple skin, you might not know if your baby is more sensitive than usual right away. If you find that your little one has displayed any of the following sign, then it's best to only use hypoallergenic diapers and products. 

  • Dry Skin - If your baby is prone to dry, flaky skin, be sure to use fragrance-free moisturizers to help keep their skin soft and hydrated.

  • Eczema - Eczema appears as patches of dry, itchy, and rough skin on different parts of the body. When the body makes too few fatty cells, called ceramides, it causes the skin to lose water and become dry. Eczema is often triggered by irritants in the environment and skincare products.

  • Contact Dermatitis - Contact dermatitis is an itchy rash that occurs when the skin comes in direct contact with a particular substance that it is allergic to.

  • Is Your Baby Allergic to Diapers?

    Diaper rash and candida infections are some of the most common indications that your baby is allergic to their diaper. Switching to hypoallergenic diapers can often be the best solution for their gentle skin. 

    What to Avoid in Diapers?

    There are many ingredients that you should avoid in baby products, and when it comes to diapers, look for brands free from latex, fragrances, lotions, and chlorine processing. Here’s why:

  • Latex - Just like grown-ups, babies are also prone to latex allergies.

  • Fragrances - When you see the word ‘fragrance’ on an ingredient list, it’s often a sign of common irritants being used to create a synthetic scent. It’s best to avoid everyday and overnight diapers with fragrance, since it can easily irritate the skin.

  • Lotions - Diapers are supposed to be extra soft. That’s why when you see added lotions in diapers, it's best to steer clear. If your baby does happen to suffer from diaper rash, apply a gentle rash cream instead.

  • Chlorine Processing - Chlorine processing is how diapers get that fresh, crisp, white look. The problem is that for sensitive little bums, chlorine can cause irritation. Look for diapers and wipes like these that are classified as ECF (Elemental Chlorine Free) or TCF (Totally Chlorine Free).  

  • On top of all that, ensure that your hypoallergenic diapers are the right size and offer proper leak protection. The Eco Pea bamboo disposable diaper is a great choice that is hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested, and made without harsh chemicals, fragrances and chlorine.

    Key Takeaways

    When it comes to finding the right diapers for your baby’s sensitive skin, avoid irritants, common allergens, and pay close attention to signs of allergies and skin problems. You can never go wrong with eliminating toxins and unnecessary chemicals from you and your baby’s lifestyle!