Do Baby Wipes Expire? Learn How Long Baby Wipes Last

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Do Baby Wipes Expire? Learn How Long Baby Wipes Last

If you've ever left a pack of baby wipes open for too long or stored one on your shelf for ages, you might've noticed they're not as effective. Wet ones can lose their moisture and expire, so it's good to know how long baby wipes last. 

Got baby wipes questions? No problem. We're answering all of them in this post, from determining a pack of baby wipes' shelf life to how to moisten dried out wipes. Read on for the details! 

Do Baby Wipes Expire?

From what we can see on the internet, many parents have trouble locating the expiration date on their baby wipes. Surprise! Baby wipes do expire. 

Wipes are made of materials such as cotton and polyester, and natural wipes are normally made from wood pulp or cotton. Our natural wipes are made from unbleached bamboo and soften skin with soothing aloe, chamomile, and cooling cucumber extract. 

Since wipes are soaked in a combination of wet ingredients and tightly packed textiles/wipes , they can grow bacteria and mold. Wipes have an expiration date based on the preservation system’s ability to prevent the growth of bacteria and mold. In the presence of bacteria or mold, the wipes would be ineffective or even harmful.

How Long Do Baby Wipes Last? 

Baby wipes can last weeks, months, or years depending on how you store them. If your wipes develop any sign of mold (sliminess, stench, black or gray dots), you may have to toss them after a couple of weeks or months of use.

If your wipes remain fresh, they can last more than a year, but they will most likely dry out before then.  

How Long Do Baby Wipes Last Unopened? 

Baby wipes that remain untouched in their package last 2-3 years. After that, they may lose their effectiveness. 

If baby wipes come into contact with excessive heat, they can dry out quickly, even if they're unopened.

Do Baby Wipes Have An Expiration Date? 

Many brands do not include an expiration date on their packaging. Only some do on the edges or underneath folds, so be sure to scope out all the nooks and crannies! 

For brands that don't have an expiry date on their packaging, it's safe to assume that the wipes are good to use within 30 months after opening. 

Tips for Expired Baby Wipes

Want to make your baby wipes last longer? Here are our top tips for keeping them moist and mold-free: 

  • Close each pack of wipes tightly 
  • Only open one package at a time to prevent wipes from drying out
  • Separate your wipes into airtight containers
  • Look for a wipe warmer with a moistening feature
  • Do not leave wet wipes in warm, enclosed environments or near the sun
  • If your wipes are dry, add some filtered water to the package
  • Do not use wipes on broken or irritated skin
  • Let your baby's skin dry thoroughly after using wipes
  • Check the ingredients list on every label before using wipes, especially if your baby has sensitive skin or allergies

Key Takeaways

Baby wipes can expire, so always check the expiration date. They can also degrade depending on how you store them, so follow our tips and tricks to extend their shelf life and eliminate the need to buy more.