Fun Things To Do In Summer With Kids

5 Min Read
Baby in a pink bathing suit laying on a beach blanket

Summer vacation is here! We’re taking a look at fun things to do in the summer with kids, whether it be out for the day, a visit to the park, or making fun at home. No matter what you do, these sunny memories are made to last.

See the sights

Whether on vacation or staycation, take advantage of the attractions within the area you are in. As we are still navigating uncertain times, make sure to triple-check the open hours and safety protocols of anywhere your family plans on visiting. Check out some classics like:


  • The aquarium
  • Museums
  • National parks
  • Botanical gardens 
  • National monuments
  • Zoos
  • Wildlife safari
  • Public library (most libraries have free children’s programming throughout the summer!)

Get outside

Get outside, stretch those legs, and have some fun!

  • Beat the heat and visit splash parks, beaches, the pool, or even just by sitting near park fountains.
  • Do you have an old favorite physical activity, or are you ready to try something new? The summer is the time to get outside, whether that is kayaking, biking, surfing, or even flying a kite.
  • Make use of nature trails (and if permitted), bring some peanuts for little furry friends you meet along the way. Pack a picnic for the family. Just remember to bring lots of water, a stocked diaper bag, and wear sun protection.


Hit the road

The family road trip is what summer childhood memories are made of. When looking for things to do in the summer with kids, consider visiting big cities, old towns, and all the roadside attractions in between.


Let’s go to the movies

There is no popcorn quite like movie theater popcorn. Take advantage of that movie theater air conditioning, hit up a movie in the park night, or stay up late at the drive-in.


Keeping busy

We can’t always plan big days out. Take advantage of more accessible options such as virtual camps, or take part in some volunteer work as a family.


Get messy at home

Sometimes the perfect summer is a summer at home. Let the kids experiment and create at home, knowing that we always got you covered with any messes. Have the kids:


  • Paint, draw, collage 
  • Have fun with kitchen science experiments
  • Grab some chalk and create an art show just outside
  • Make a bird feeder and learn what kinds of birds are in your neighborhood
  • Help out in the garden or let them have their own summer garden project (like growing herbs in containers.)


Whatever you and your family do this summer, make sure to have fun, sneak in some rest, and appreciate these sunny moments. Don't stress over creating the perfect summer vacation, memories can be made in your own backyard.