Self-care: you deserve a refresh

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Self-care: you deserve a refresh

We hear about self-care more and more these days, but what does self-care look like to you? Whether it is a long bath, making sure you can sleep in, or trying out something new, what self-care looks like can change from moment to moment. However, the benefits of self-care are a forever and worthwhile commitment.


Give your body a hug

Your body carries you through day to day, so check in with yourself to make sure it feels good. Exercise and movement can be something you do in a group setting - like team sports or the gym - or on your own - like yoga at home or by going on a quiet walk.

If you like massages and they are an accessible option, make some time for yourself. Self-care is so often seen as a luxury item, when really, these check-ins with ourselves are crucial.


The mental workload is real

Our bodies are pretty good at telling us when things don’t feel right, but our minds can be a little tricky. Keeping track of life can be exhausting, so be patient with yourself. It is
OK to acknowledge when things feel tough. Get some rest, consume the media you enjoy (no matter how ‘mindless’). Sometimes these little brain boosts end up making things feel a little less daunting.


Check in with your emotional well-being

Your feelings matter and you deserve to feel good. With every day that passes, we get to know ourselves a little more, and we make changes along the way regarding relationships and lifestyle. Trust your gut and follow your instincts on what these changes look like.

Practicing self-care is easier said than done, and sometimes it can feel like yet another thing added to our to-do lists. Don’t let ideas around self-care become an added pressure, but a gentle nudge to ask for help and articulate your needs. Look at the care you are capable of giving to others and share some of that with yourself. You deserve it.