Simpler Holiday Shopping

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Simpler Holiday Shopping

Shopping for the holidays can go from exciting to stressful real fast. It is easy to lose sight of what you want holiday gifts to be about. Think about what you want your gift to be about: Something sentimental, something aligned with your eco-conscious values, an experience, a need. Creating a simple goal will help amidst constant advertising and crowded stores.

Eco-conscious options

1. Wooden toys over plastic

Not only do wooden toys have an in fashion vintage vibe, they can be both safer for your little one and the environment. A well-made wooden toy is free of chemicals like BPA, PVC, and phthalates. Considering babies like to try everything out by putting it in their mouths, it is nice to know these chemicals won’t be part of this experimentation. 

2. Recycled items

Whether it is a quilt or stuffed animal crafted with old baby clothes, or an art piece made up of Baby’s first painting projects or ultrasounds, recycling items into something new can be a creative experience that results in something extra special for the one you love.

3. Reuse items

Buying second hand products is better for the environment and your wallet; it also puts the fun back in shopping since everything has become so readily available online. Make a day of having fun while exploring second hand shops, bring new life to an old object, and be a part of encouraging folks to keep things out of landfills.

4. Books

Everyone has that aunt who will only gift books, but hey, that’s not the worst thing. Check out these 10 Kids Book About Sustainability  and Our 5 Fave Books To Teach Kids About The Environment.

5. Gift what is needed 

Avoid adding to unnecessary clutter and gift something that is needed and will be used. You may already be familiar with the ‘something in, something out’ rule. This is an especially helpful rule when it comes to babies and children. Things add up fast. Though it may be hard to let go of some things, remember, you are making room for new memories and growth. 

Though it can be a challenge in itself to ensure the holidays are a happy time, and not a stressful one, keep in mind what the holidays mean to you. Enjoy this time with your family, look back at past adventures, and get excited for the new chapters to come.