Tapping into baby’s five senses

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Tapping into baby’s five senses

Looking for ways to bond and play with your little one? We keep hearing that we need to keep our babies’ brains stimulated, but what does this mean? Take some pressure off yourself by finding learning opportunities within your day-to-day, allowing your baby to explore their five senses.


Play games with your little one, making silly faces while playing face to face or when looking in mirrors. Babies love faces, and who doesn't like to see the people they love? For a change of scenery, take a walk outside. Both you and your baby will appreciate the new sites to explore.


Talk with baby, sing often, and read out loud. The sound of your voice is a comfort and a resource for your little one to hone their communication skills. Encourage baby to make their own noise, whether it is by shaking a rattle or hitting a pot with a wooden spoon on the kitchen floor.


Did you know that within their first three months, babies can distinguish between sweet and bitter tastes? Trying new foods can be exciting for any of us, and for babies, those first bites are like little adventures. Especially when adding texture to the mix, like, when age appropriate, the mushiness of avocado, or the  crunchiness of carrots. From apple to sweet potato, mealtimes are happy times (keep wipes nearby for when things get messy!). 


Another mealtime perk is all the unique smells for babies to explore. Experiment with making scent jars, using different herbs, spices, and flowers, or make scented water by adding scented extracts, such as peppermint, almond, and vanilla, to the water. Everyday items like shaving cream, shampoo, and bubble baths are worth exploring, too. Or, take a walk outside, with spring in bloom, there are many fresh scents to enjoy!


Whether it is while splashing around in the bath, cuddling up to a textured towel, or putting in some tummy time, babies learn a lot through touch. Snuggles from a loved one are extra special and give your little one a sense of security as they explore the world. Keep touch in mind when it comes to the essentials, too. Eco Pea Co. diapers and wipes are designed to feel gentle against baby’s sensitive skin.

Take a back to basics approach when playing, learning, and growing with your little one by enjoying the simple things in life, together.