Top Baby Items to Buy In Bulk

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Top Baby Items to Buy In Bulk

Almost every parent will agree that when you have a new baby, time is seriously limited. There’s barely a moment to take a shower, much less restock your supply of essential items. Because of this, it’s wise to buy certain items in bulk – the goods that are used on a daily basis, and won’t lose their usefulness anytime soon. In addition, there are often significant discounts when buying in bulk. So to save yourself ample time and money, load on the following baby products.

  • Diapers. As your baby will likely burn through up to 3,000 diapers in their first year, this is the main product you’ll want to buy in bulk. And, signing up for a subscription service ensures you never run low.
  • Wipes. Much like diapers, wipes will be a constant in your life when your baby is in diapers, and even beyond, as they’ll continue making messes and wipes are great to have on hand. We suggest opting for a biodegradable and plant-based option since you’ll likely be using so many.
  • Breastmilk Storage Bags. If you’ll be breastfeeding and pumping, breastmilk storage bags are an ideal way to freeze collected milk, as you can lay them flat and stack in the freezer. They also make it easy to store single servings of the amount of milk your baby typically eats during each feeding. For example, if your baby’s usually full after three ounces, you’d store three ounces in each storage bag. This helps prevent the waste of this precious liquid. And as pumping is likely a daily occurrence, having a bulk supply of these bags can be incredibly convenient.
  • Organic and Natural, “Tear-Free” Shampoo/Body Wash. Because baby shampoo, which often doubles as body wash, never goes bad, and your baby will need regular bathing for the rest of their life, it’s an optimal product to stock up on. Many brands that offer organic, “tear-free” baby shampoo and body wash have large bottles that can last six-months or more.
  • Organic and Natural, Fragrance-Free Laundry Detergent. In addition to your child always needing to be bathed, their clothes will always need a wash. Because of this, loading up on organic, fragrance-free laundry detergent (that won’t irritate sensitive skin) helps prevent laundry day being cut short when you discover you’re out of detergent.
  • Pacifiers. If you’re using pacifiers, you’ll quickly discover that they need replacing often, as they’re easily misplaced. And if your baby becomes accustomed to them, they might not be happy if they find themselves without easy access to a beloved binky. Solution: buy pacifiers in bulk and store them in areas baby frequents, like the nursery, kitchen, and playroom. It’s also prudent to keep a few in the diaper bag so you’re good to go when out and about.  
  • Bibs. When your little one starts eating solids, you could go through multiple bibs in a day. If you only have a few, you might find yourself doing laundry daily, or reusing soiled bibs. Avoid this hassle by buying in bulk and keeping a supply near baby’s prime eating areas, and a few in the diaper bag. 
  • Burp Cloths. Spit up, surprise urination during a diaper change, leaking breast milk, and a slew of other baby-centric situations call for burp clothes. Make sure your stock of freshies never runs low by ordering a large quantity of a super absorbent option.

Making sure to have a few key items on hand in large quantities can really relieve stress, especially in those first few months. Other items we loved having lots of on hand were fruit and veggie squeeze pouches for when they start feeding, and onesies - you can never have enough onesies!