What to Look for in Newborn Diapers

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What to Look for in Newborn Diapers

Entire daily routines are built around changing a baby’s diaper. A new parent will quickly find that diaper changes can dictate when you sleep, where you go, how bags are packed, and who is happy to hang out with you even when things get … messy. Diapers are a big deal, and newborn diapers, also referred to as NB diapers, are at the start of it all. Newborn babies are known to need about eight to 12 diapers a day. With so many diaper changes, you want to make sure you are using a product that is safe for your little one, as well as the environment they will be growing up in (and, caring for too, along the way).

When choosing a diaper brand you want to find something that has a snug enough fit, but is flexible enough for your little one to comfortably move around in. Eco Pea Co. diapers are known for their soft, gentle feel while keeping a snug fit that conforms to movement. Super absorbency and a wetness indicator are also key elements to a go-to diaper brand.

A diaper with strong absorbency and leak protection can be environmentally sustainable, too. Eco Pea Co. makes eco-friendly diapers, using bamboo. We chose bamboo for its sustainability - it is easy to grow and requires minimal resources - as well as its biodegradability. Our mindfully made diapers are TCF (totally chlorine free) and use ingredients that are safe on your baby’s skin. When choosing diapers, check to make sure they are dermatologist approved and do not contain chemicals that will irritate your new baby’s skin.


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Babies use around 3000 diapers a year. When you choose a diaper that is biodegradable, you can rest easier knowing that they won’t be adding up in a landfill, so how can you go about making sure the same goes for cost? To help with the cost of newborn diapers - and your little one’s different needs as they grow from newborn diapers to training diapers - Eco Pea Co. offers a Diapers and Wipes Bundle (our bamboo wipes are also designed for both comfort and sustainability!) We also offer a Diaper Subscription for both Canada and the US.

Life is all about learning and growing, so you want to make sure your baby is comfy along the way.